The Hearing Voices Café Paper is a (digital and paper) publication made by participants of the Hearing Voices Café, gathering texts of interest, and artistic, literary and opinion contributions. The paper grows through the ten days of the festival. You can download the newspaper here, and below you can download the separatas/ pages added to it during the festival, documenting each episode:

21.01.2022, Episode 1: The History We Remember, download here

22.01.2022, Episode 2: The Book People, download here

23.01.2022, Episode 3: Voicing Intergenerational Trauma:  An open space to let voices reverberate – download here

24.01.2022, Episode 4, Spirituality: what is exceptional, what is common, download here

25.01.2022, Episode 5, Because they were, we are, download here.

26.01.2022, Episode 6, Chats with the Dead, download here.

27.01.2022, Episode 7, Play It Back, Theatre, or: The Social Mind: Uncovering Fields of Consciousness, download here.

28.01.2022, Episode 8, Poetic Justice, download here.

29.01.2022, Episode 9, She Has Many Names, download here.

30.01.2022, Episode 10, Hearing Voices Party, download here.

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